• real or unreal
    serious VR characters won't let you know
  • holds more than 6.000 photorealistic
    3D characters of international stars

Our global network of 3 D scanning systems has provided us with an ever growing, extensive database of high quality characters for VR, AR and 3D. This global collaboration offers you easy access to the characters of your dreams.

Unlike existing 3D libraries, Staramba's VR database is intrinsically differentiated by the attention to body scans which are so detailed that they capture nuances of facial gestures, defining bone structure and muscle tone.

Our mission is not only to be seen as a facilitator in the entertainment industry. Digitization of the human body also presents opportunities for use in other industries. Staramba is open to your queries in this regard.

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new database content

We are pleased to showcase our most recent additions to our ever growing VR database below:

Usain Bolt Usain Bolt Sports
Manuel Neuer Manuel Neuer Sports
Pope Francis Pope Francis Other
Mike Shinoda Mike Shinoda Music
supported <strong>formats</strong>

supported formats

Our automated post production pipeline supports a huge variety of 3D formats.

developers <strong>welcome</strong>

developers welcome

We are excited about collaborations with talented and diverse software developers during the construction phase of our extensive VR API set.

Please get in touch with our development team to get early bird access to the launch of our VR API in the fall of 2017.