Corporate Governance

Of vital importance to us, is ensuring the continued trust of all our stakeholders; our investors, our business partners, our employees as well as the public. We place great emphasis on the synergy between the Board of Directors, the Managing Director and our employees. We at Staramba are committed to open and transparent corporate communication.

Staramba SE is a European company (Societatis Europaea, SE) regulated by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The company has a monistic management structure. The organs of the company are the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Managing Director. The Board of Directors consists of four members. The duties and powers of these bodies are determined by the law, the articles of association of the company and the rules of procedure for the managing director

staramba statement of compliance 2017 (German language – 245 KB)

On March 24, 2016, the Board of Directors of Staramba SE issued a declaration of compliance with the German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK) pursuant to Section 161 AktG. You can download this as a pdf document here (in German only).

Board of Directors

Christian Daudert Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors Christian Daudert is the founder and one of the key shareholders of Staramba SE. He has been working as a Business Angel for a long time, as well as an Early and Late Stage investor. Today, as a family concern, he manages the assets of many famous top sport athletes with a volume of more than € 30 million.
Rolf Elgeti Member of the Board of Directors Rolf Elgeti is the founder and a partner of Hevella Capital GmbH & Co. KGaA. Mr. Elgeti has been chairman of TAG Immobilien AG for many years and is now supporting this company as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Before his time at TAG Immobilien, Mr. Elgeti worked for about ten years as a stock analyst in London.
Marc Kneifel Member of the Board of Directors As founder of his very own IT company, Marc Kneifel developed software solutions for companies in the automobile, mobility and logistic industries. His vast experience with sensor and surveying technology has provided the driving force for his development of the 3D INSTAGRAPH. Marc studied Computer Sciences at Potsdam University and graduated with Honors.
Marthe Wolbring Member of the Board of Directors Marthe Wolbring worked for several leading German TV channels, as well as in management positions of media and PR companies, before she became self-employed. She still has excellent connections within the German and European media industry. Marthe studied Media at the University of Hertfordshire (Cologne Business School) and graduated with honors.
Klemens Skibicki Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Klemens Skibicki is a professor at the Cologne Business School, where he teaches marketing and market research. In May 2016, he sold his shares in Convidera, a leading social media consulting firm, in order to act and support selected top executives even more flexibly as a keynote speaker and consultant to a broad network of consultancies, agencies, freelancers, software houses and investors. Klemens is the author of numerous specialist books and is regarded as one of the outstanding experts in the field of the transformation of the "Old Economy" into the "New Economy". Klemens completed his studies in business and economics in Cologne in 2001. Afterwards, he did a doctor’s degree in the Department of Political Science. Since January 2013, Klemens has been a core member of the Advisory Board "Young Digital Economy" of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. In June 2014, he was appointed to the Digital Ambassador Circle of the Minister of Economic Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia in the area of "Corporates", a further position in voluntary political consulting. Facebook Twitter Xing

Advisory Board

Fredi Bobic Chairman of the Advisory Board Fredi Bobic can look back on an impressively successful time as a professional footballer; German champion in the season 2001/2002, European champion in 1996, top scorer in 1996 as well as very successful times spent with top clubs like VfB Stuttgart, Borussia Dortmund, Hannover 96 and Hertha BSC. However, the smart Swabian and Staramba investor proved his skills not only on the pitch but he was also successful as the manager of VfB Stuttgart and as the Managing Director for sports and marketing at PSFC Chernomorets Burgas. Since June 2016 he has been Chief Sports Officer at Eintracht Frankfurt. Fredi is the Chairman of the Advisory Board and, with his background, he is an enormously valuable adviser to our company.
Marko Rehmer Member of the Advisory Board Most Germans know Marko Rehmer from his times as a professional football player; as a defense player of several first league clubs and vice world champion in 2002 in Japan and South Korea. Nowadays, he regularly works as a football commentator at Sport1. He is also a shareholder of a player advisory firm. Marko brings in his experience, his knowledge and, of course, his excellent connections within the professional football scene.
Oliver Neuville Member of the Advisory Board With his sporting success and his international background – German father, Italian mother, Belgian grandfather, Swiss youth – Oliver Neuville brings in two very important assets for SCGSE. In his active time, Oliver was a successful Bundesliga striker and also a member of the German national team. In 2002, he became vice world champion and in 2006 he won the „Goal of the Year“ with his club Borussia Mönchengladbach, where he also was the captain of the team. Today, he works as a youth trainer and passes on his experience to young athletes.

Director's Dealings

Since July 3, 2016, the European Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) requires the reporting and publication of transactions with financial instruments of the company and its derivatives. In particular, the duties related to Director's Dealings have been significantly expanded.

The notification and publication obligation applies to the members of the Management Board, the members of the Boardof Directors and all persons who are closely connected with them. This also includes legal entities, other companies or entities acting on behalf of or in the interests of the persons mentioned.

This reporting obligation includes transactions with financial instruments of staramba AG (such as shares or bonds) and transactions with derivatives related to staramba financial instruments.

A transaction must be reported if it exceeds a total transaction volume of € 5,000.00 per calendar year – which is considered individually for each person. Listed below are all notifiable transactions in 2016 with the data required by law (before 3 July 2016 pursuant to § 15a Securities Trading Act, as of July 3, pursuant to Article 19 of the Market Abuse Regulation).

Notification of transactions by the company leaders (before 3 July 2016 pursuant to § 15a Securities Trading Act, as of July 3 pursuant to Art. 19 MAR)
Datum des Geschäftsabschlusses Geschäftsabschlusses Name des Meldepflichtigen Funktion Art und Ort der Transaktion Finanzinstrument und ISIN Stückzahl Preis pro Stück in Euro Geschäftsvolumen in Euro
07.12.2018 Prof. Dr. Klemens Skibicki Mitglied des Verwaltungsrats Kauf von Aktien/Tradegate Aktie DE000A1K03W5 1.000 10,50 10.500
28.05.2018 Rolf Elgeti Mitglied des Verwaltungsrats Kauf von Aktien/XETRA Aktie DE000A1K03W5 10.200 42,59 434.481,24
28.05.2018 Christian Daudert Geschäftsführender Direktor Kauf von Aktien/XETRA Aktie DE000A1K03W5 1.000 48,82 48.821,20