Get ready for MATERIA.NOTES

MATERIA.NOTES for Auctions

We introduced MATERIA.NOTES during our first Celebrity Sector auction, making them available to anybody owning a Bidding Right. They make it quick and easy to bid on Plots. However, it is unfortunately not possible to take part in the auctions without MATERIA.NOTES.

Background: To give the best experience during the Auctions, we implemented MATERIA.NOTES. As the process with cryptocurrencies can be time-consuming, and it should be possible to bid quickly, this was the best way for our customers to instantly bid on Plots.

There are many different denominations of MATERIA.NOTES available in our MATERIA.ONE shop, including 500 MATERIA.NOTES, 1,000 MATERIA.NOTES, 5,000 MATERIA.NOTES, and 12,000 MATERIA.NOTES.

MATERIA.NOTES can be bought with STARAMBA.Tokens (STT): 25 MATERIA.NOTES are worth USD 1, payable in STT. If one STT is worth 0.25 USD, 4 STT is equivalent to 25 MATERIA.NOTES. Therefore, 160 STT is worth 1,000 MATERIA.NOTES.

Our first Auction was incredibly successful and only a few Celebrity Sector Plots are now left, with all second-floor Plots sold. To see the results of the first auction, take a look at our news story here.

Bidding in our next Auction will again only be possible through MATERIA.NOTES. These will also be the “currency” for the Soccer Sector Auction, but with some differences that will make it even easier for people to take part. We will be releasing more information on this on Thursday 21 February. Stay tuned!


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