Is Staramba scam?

To answer this serious question, we need to take a look at the last years of Staramba. But to provide a short answer on this question, Staramba is for the obvious reasons below no scam! Please take a look on where Staramba comes from, what we achieved so far and where we are heading.

Early years of Staramba

Staramba started its business back in 2014 with the idea to revolutionize the merchandise market with 3D printed figurines. As the quality of existing scanning systems was not sufficient for scanning stars, Staramba hired experts to develop its 3D scanning system – the 3D Instagraph©.
After touring with Linkin Park and joining the MARVEL Experience Tour in Dallas, Del Mar and San Francisco, we partnered with international stars from the music, entertainment and sports industries. These included FC Bayern München, Real Madrid, Arsenal FC, Epica, DORO, Slash, KISS and the WWE.

The queen of Metal DORO with her 3D printed figurine

Starting business with digital avatars

After years in successful 3D printing, Staramba thought about using the 3D scans for different purposes. As the quality of our scans were nearly perfect and steadily improved, the idea came up to use these 3D models for gaming purposes. In 2016, KONAMI, publisher of PES got in touch with us and began using the 3D Instagraph© and scanning service for all avatars created for Pro Evolution Soccer. In 2017, we started created the idea of developing a virtual world where users can meet and interact with their favorite stars – MATERIA.ONE.

Creating virtual worlds

For the virtual world MATERIA.ONE, new contracts had to be agreed with the licensors. In 2018, first was with table tennis star Timo Boll. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Hulk Hogan and AJ (member of the Backstreet Boys) followed. The avatars will be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) so it feels like really meeting the stars. Further stars like a big soccer club and famous international tennis star are already in the pipeline.

Increase of power

To create a virtual world, celebrities are not enough. For this reason we increased our employees to more than a hundred and still have several vacancies. As many positions are in competition with the gaming industry, this is hard to find good fits for these positions. Nevertheless, we did not give up give up on creating the best product in VR.

David Beckham avatar. Scanning and avatar creation for KONAMI by Staramba

Payment for Virtual Reality

One part of the social VR network MATERIA.ONE is the trading and selling of products and services. Working with licensors has a lot to do with royalty reportings, we decided to implement a cryptocurrency in MATERIA.ONE – the STARAMBA.Token (STT). With digital currencies that work with blockchain technology, it is easy to make payments without leaving the experience. Additionally, the smart contracts make every royalty report redundant as the shares can be divided directly after a purchase was made. A short video of how the token split work, can be found here.

Initial Token Offering of Staramba

Between June and October 2018, an initial token sale (ITO) took place. In comparison to an ICO (initial coin offering), you can easily process a token as you only have to follow the standard for delevoping for the Ethereum platform. The ITO with our virtual currency was a great success and we could raise money for a faster development of MATERIA.ONE.


Getting on crypto exchanges

In December 2018, the restricted trade started inside the Leondrino Wallet. Furthermore, a public trade started on DOBI exchange. On this exchange, a small part of the STT (a high risk pool) is available for trading. These tokens are not usable for purchases on at the moment or for taking part in the Auctions for Plots until the official Public Trade starts. The STARAMBA.Token started on DOBI to establish Staramba and the STT on the Asian market.

Further exchanges are planned to establish the STARAMBA.Token on other markets as well.

Webshop and Auctions

In August, our webshop for MATERIA.ONE was launched and in December the first Auction on Plots for our virtual world started. A further Auction is planned for Summer 2019 in the Soccer Sector. The Soccer Sector will contain a big stadium and function as a portal to all soccer experiences included in MATERIA.ONE. Furthermore, a well-known soccer team will move into the Soccer Sector.

Artwork of MATERIA.ONE including the soccer stadium in the Soccer Sector

MATERIA.ONE makes further progress

Also, a first technical demo was released – the MATERIA.ONE VIP Showcase. Therefore, a private key was provided to ITO investors in December 2018. At the end of February 2019, applicants who applied during the ITO as beta testers got their Steam Key. Feedback has been really great so far and we feel empowered in our vision of MATERIA.ONE.

Screenshot from MATERIA.ONE VIP Showcase „Inside the Staramba Tower“

Vision and further steps for MATERIA.ONE

In Summer the next Auction starts on Then, the development for MATERIA.ONE will make further progress and new Auctions will be planned. In addition, we will try to start developing for other hardware as we are delveoping for Oculus Rift at the moment. Possibilities here are leading VR hardwears like Playstation VR, Oculus Go or HTC Vive. According to Oculus, „Oculus Quest is a 6DOF VR headset with Oculus Touch“ (1), our experience should be easily ported to it.

Soccer stadium visual

Supporting products

In addition to our work on MATERIA.ONE, we are working on a new website and a rework of in the near future where we provide detailed information about our visions and products. Furthermore, a big change is coming in April. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram and sign up for our newsletter to see the big news!

What we want to know

You missed the ITO or application as beta tester? There is a competition on Twitter where you have the chance to get a Steam Key for our MATERIA.ONE VIP Showcase.

Have any questions about Staramba, MATERIA.ONE, or our products and visions? Do not hesitate to contact us on our social media channels or write an email to

Join the discussion

In our forum you have the chance to discuss with other users and our community managers about our products, visions and ideas. Furthermore we would love to know what you think: Is Staramba Scam?

Due to the milestones we have achieved so far, we are no scam. If you think that we are, please let us know and we will do our best to change your mind.



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