• Galaxy Zoom launched

    Galaxy Zoom launched

    The Galaxy Zoom for MATERIA.ONE was launched. Zoom into a whole new galaxy and get all the information on Planets, Clusters, Sectors and Plots.

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  • Communication with VR

    Communication with VR

    If you look at the representation of virtual reality (VR) in popular culture, the technology is only ever shown in the context of being a leisure activity, usually computer gaming.

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    The film sees what’s left of The Avengers team of superheroes go up against Thanos (again) in order to save the universe (again) from a destructive force (again).

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    WOMENIZE! is contains talks, presentations, and discussions on careers, leadership, the types of roles within the digital industries, founding, women in eSports, and the gaming industry.

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    Please spare a brief, sympathetic thought for poor Sue of Phoenix, Arizona, whose husband spent thirty hours a week on Second Life, who had his own virtual island.

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    On 14 April, the 8th season of GoT begins, firing the pistol on a run of six episodes that will finish off the cultural juggernaut that has dominated the TV landscape since it began in 2011.

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  • What does

    What does "VR" mean?

    Recently, we asked ourselves where the phrase ‘virtual reality’ actually comes from. Unfortunately, nobody knew so we had to go and research it.

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  • Six films about VR systems

    Six films about VR systems

    There’s a school of thought that you should not take your work home with you. And, yet, after a long day creating MATERIA.ONE, we found it hard to switch off from thinking about VR.

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  • Motion sickness in VR

    Motion sickness in VR

    As exciting as it is, a virtual reality (VR) platform is not without drawbacks. The chief one of these is motion sickness, an oft-reported side effect from users that is akin to seasickness

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  • Social VR

    Social VR

    Social media networks have transformed the world we live in, growing exponentially in popularity over the last fifteen years. But Social VR is coming soon.

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  • Is Staramba scam?

    Is Staramba scam?

    To answer this serious question we need to take a look at the last years of Staramba. But to provide a short answer on this question, Staramba is for the obvious reasons...

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  • Shopping in VR

    Shopping in VR

    Shopping in VR is the latest development of how people seek for and purchase goods. This article explores how the best parts of classical and online shopping are present in the VR world.

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    We look at how the industry is becoming more open, where it could still improve, how diversity benefits the industry, and what we are doing to encourage more women into its workforce.

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  • Dodging the uncanny valley

    Dodging the uncanny valley

    The phrase ‘The Uncanny Valley’ entered the popular imagination in 1970 when Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori published an essay of the same name in the journal Energy.

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  • Auctions on a new level

    Auctions on a new level

    Auctions have tended to be exclusive, boring, old-fashioned events: You have to be onsite, well-dressed and wealthy. No. At Staramba, we put on innovative, online Auctions.

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  • En route to the Soccer Sector

    En route to the Soccer Sector

    The next auctions about to take place. We have made a number of changes for this round that should have a great impact. These include that participation is now open to everybody.

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  • Introduction of MATERIA.NOTES

    Introduction of MATERIA.NOTES

    The planning of our next Auction is currently in the design stage. Get everything you've got to know about MATERIA.NOTES which are necessary for participation in our Auctions.

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  • What the demo is about

    What the demo is about

    On December 17th, Staramba published a technical demo available exclusively to the ITO investors. After two months the VIP showcase is opened to beta testers for further feedback.

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  • Get ready for the Soccer Sector

    Get ready for the Soccer Sector

    After the great success of the Celebrity Sector, the Soccer Sector will be the next one that opens for Auctions. As in the previous Auction there will be another 500 Plots available in this Sector.

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  • How to get STT

    How to get STT

    To make sure that you know how to get ready for the upcoming Auctions in the Soccer Sector and transfer enough STTs for bidding, we explain step-by-step how you can get (more) STT.

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  • Staramba launches forum

    Staramba launches forum

    Finally, we decided to not longer support our Telegram channel and have a more powerful forum where all topics can be handled where it belongs to.

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  • Figurines in MATERIA.ONE

    Figurines in MATERIA.ONE

    We are very happy to announce that the Figurine shop is moving into MATERIA.ONE at the moment. In the future it will be possible to buy figurines in VR and get them printed.

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  • That was 2018

    That was 2018

    For us, 2018 was a very exciting and successful year. Everything started with our ITO, followed by the rebranding of STARAMBA.spaces to MATERIA.ONE and ...

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  • First Auctions on Plots ended

    First Auctions on Plots ended

    The first Auctions for Plots in the Celebrity Sector was a great success. In total 436 Plots were sold. The 2nd floor is completely sold out and only a few Plots in the groud floor and 1st floor are left.

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