Published: 27th February 2019


Auctions have tended to be exclusive, boring, old-fashioned events: You have to be onsite, well-dressed and wealthy. It is rare for the lots to be new, too, and many have gone through multiple previous owners. There is an element of risk, too, in that you never know for how long your purchase will last.

Those days are over!

At Staramba, we put on innovative, online Auctions. With our Auctions, no one is judged for taking part from a café or from lying on their sofa at home. Everyone is welcome to bid on our digital products.
Those products are limited, of course.
Among our products are Plots, which owners can build on and fill with life. There are nearly no limits to what owners can put on or design for their Plots*. The Plots, too, are not limited by any physical rules so your property can be of any shape or size. The sky is no longer the limit!

Our Auctions are also not timed. There is nobody to bang a gavel if the Plot is sold or time for bidding runs out. We have a clock that runs and, if someone bids before the auction is over, it is reset. In addition, the auctions for Plots last for a minimum of 72 hours so that everybody has chance to bid.

All Plots that are up for Auction are brand-new products set up for the new owner. Not only are the Plots new, but they are also a blank canvas. Customers can decide on which Plot they would like to bid on and in which location they would like it. There are a lot of Sectors and an equal amount of themes.

If this sounds good, participation within Staramba’s Auctions is pretty easy. The first step is to create an account on This is also where the Auctions take place, and the account is needed to store the auctioned Plots and other virtual goods. After you have set up your accounts, you can obtain MATERIA.NOTES, which are necessary for the Auction. More information about MATERIA.NOTES can be found here.

Furthermore, you need a Bidding Right for the Sector in which you want to participate in the Bidding. The next Auction takes place in the Soccer Sector in Summer 2019. If you want to participate do not forget to get your Bidding Right. The Bidding Right will be used if you bid on a Plot. If someone overbids you, you get your Bidding Right back immediately and have the chance to bid again. It is your decision whether to bid on the same Plot again, or not. If you win the Plot during the Auction, you do not get your Bidding Right back.

Interesting in a whole new way of bidding at a Staramba Auction? Feel free to join us at

*providing it meets our terms and conditions