Published: 24th January 2019

How to get STT

3 steps to get your STTs during the restricted trade!

To make sure that you know how to get ready for the upcoming Auctions in the Soccer Sector and transfer enough STTs for bidding, we explain step-by-step how you can get (more) STARAMBA.Tokens during the restricted trade inside the Leondrino Wallet.

1st step
If you already have ETH you can jump to the next step
At the moment, it is possible to get STTs during the restricted trade with Ethereum only. So, you need an ERC-20 supporting wallet or ledger, etc. with ETH on it. If you do not know how to get Ethereum you get information here.

Getting a Leondrino Wallet
Now, you need to create a Leondrino Wallet and open an STT GIRO Account. You can find a short instruction on how to set it up here.

Doing KYC background check
After you have successfully created your Leondrino Wallet and added the STARAMBA.token, you need to do a KYC check. To set it in motion, please contact and they will inform you how to get it done.

Your Leondrino Wallet
After finishing the KYC, you are allowed to buy STTs on the Leondrino Exchange. To do so, you log into your Leondrino Wallet, open menu item wallet and go to the STARAMBA.Token.
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2nd step
Transferring ETH to your Leondrino Wallet
For buying STTs on the Leondrino Exchange, you need to activate the needed TRADING Accounts and transfer ETH from your ERC-20 wallet to your ETH account in your Leondrino Wallet. Go to your ETH account in the wallet view and open the GIRO account view.

Summary ETH account

Summary of ETH account

Now click on DEPOSIT. The transfer of ETH from your ERC-20 wallet to your Leondrino Wallet happens with MetaMask. This plugin allows to move ETH directly to your Leondrino Wallet. You can find an introduction on how to connect your ERC-20 wallet and set MetaMask up here.

Please note that MetaMask is compatible with Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Brave.

Inside your Leondrino Wallet you can now transfer your ETH. Please shift enough ETH into the Leondrino Wallet to buy the amount of STT you want to.

Transfer ETH to GIRO

After successfully transferring ETH to your ETH GIRO account in your Leondrino Wallet, you have to transfer the ETH from your GIRO to your TRADING account. To do so, open the TRADING account view by clicking on tab TRADING.

ETH Trading account


In the right corner in the options section, please choose transfer to get your ETH from your GIRO into your TRADING account.

Transfer ETH from GIRO to TRADING account

Transfer ETH from GIRO to TRADING account

Now choose the amount of ETH you want to transfer from your GIRO to your TRADING account.
You can always transfer them back into the GIRO account if you want to.

3rd step
Getting STTs with ETH
After this transfer, you can click on button TRADE. Choose the pair STT -> ETH.

Scroll down until you see „Create order“.

Fail creating order Successfully creating a buy-order

You can now start placing your buy-order(s). The minimum amount for buy-orders are at least 0.25 USD in ETH for each STT. A lower price cannot be chosen in token class C.

You can find an overview of the different token classes here.

While creating your buy-order, please keep in mind that you can only have a maximum amount of 250 EUR per transaction and all your transactions may not exceed 10,000 EUR per month.

After you have placed your buy-order, it will be matched with existing sell-orders. As soon as your buy order is matched, you’ll get your STTs. You can see the purchase in your STT account activity and accordingly shown in the balance.

You can use the purchased STTs to buy products in our MATERIA.ONE shop. A resale of the tokens is not possible until a higher token class is reached.