Published: 07th February 2019



In December our ITO investors had the chance to get a first look at our technical demo to see how MATERIA.ONE can look like and what our technical and articstic capabilities are.

Our investors demonstrated a huge interest in trying out the demo and provided us with a very favorable and detailed feedback during the last weeks. The VIP showcase of MATERIA.ONE is currently available for Oculus Rift only but MATERIA.ONE will be available for other hardware as well in the future.

Now, we open our VIP showcase for some beta testers who applied on our website during the ITO last year. There were many great applications and it was very challanging to choose..

We are especially looking forward to the feedback profided by our beta testers as we can bring things further and polish the product by implementing changes and ideas provided.
As the majority of selected beta testers have a background in testing, gaming or even VR we expect some critics we can further spin on. As any feedback is very vulnerable we will us it to intruduce gam-changing improvements to our product.

If you have any constructive critique, please do not hesitate to share it with us on our social media channels, in our forum or via email.

Here you can find some quotes of our ITO investors who were able to take a look at our MATERIA.ONE VIP showcase: