Published: 20th February 2019

Next Auctions

Auctions for Soccer Sector starting

As already mentioned, the Soccer Sector Auction is coming soon. For this auction, we have implemented a number of advances upon the one that took place for the Celebrity Sector. These will be in the MATERIA.ONE shop.

This will be the first Auction that is open to all. In comparison, the Auction for the Celebrity Sector was only for ITO investors. Investors were also not able to pick up Bidding Rights or MATERIA.NOTES without STARAMBA.Tokens, which could only have been purchased during the ITO. We are now widening participation to those who picked up STT during the ITO or the restricted trade within the Leondrino Wallet.

To make it easier for everyone to take part in the Auctions, we are adding further payment methods for people to obtain Bidding Rights and MATERIA.NOTES. More information about the former can be found MATERIA.NOTES.

This does not make STTs irrelevant! STARAMBA.Tokens will still be the payment method within MATERIA.ONE and the ‘currency’ needed to trade with others. STTs can still be used to get Bidding Rights and MATERIA.NOTES.

The Soccer Sector Auctions will begin in the summer after testing and the integration of more payment methods. We predict that this Auction will run as seamlessly as its predecessors.

All Plots within the auction are the same size, and are equal within the Sector and in comparison to other Sectors.

Like the Celebrity Sector, the Soccer Sector is divided into three layers. As the environment is a great draw for virtual living, we have built an in-game scenario that includes a giant waterfall along with other great features that can be experienced in virtual reality.