STARAMBA.Token – the future of payment inside virtual worlds

The STARAMBA.Token (STT) is Staramba’s own developed cryptocurrency based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The STT makes payment inside virtual worlds easy, secure and fast without leaving the experience of MATERIA.ONE.


The STARAMBA.Token is one of the payment methods for MATERIA.ONE* for purchases of premium content and virtual goods.

Due to our smart contract it is possible to directly split the amount of token into different shares. Especially licencees have a lot of work with royalty reportings. With the STARAMBA.Token these royalty reports cease as the licensor gets the amount right away. In comparison to other payment methods, the STARAMBA.Token enables us to make the payment directly in the virtual worlds for performing the payment.

*At the moment it is only possible to purchase virtual goods and premium content for MATERIA.ONE when getting them on the Leondrino Exchange or during the ITO and the STTs are inside the Leondrino Wallet.

How does our smart contract work?

Our smart contract makes every royalty report redundant.

A smart contract is a computer protocol which consist of the contractual data. So, when making a contract with a licensor there is at least one party which gets a revenue share. When having multiple contracts you can combine everything within the smart contract, like the platform you use to sell the products, licensor, affiliate, producer etc. With our solution, every payment made with our STARAMBA.Token automatically divides the amount of token in the previously defined shares – Every licensor, affiliate, seller, and other party gets a share for this transaction. The whole process runs automatically and nearly real-time. This way every party benefits from a more efficient process and reduced fees by cutting out expensive third-parties.

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STARAMBA.Token as payment method within MATERIA.ONE

The use of STARAMBA.Tokens inside MATERIA.ONE has lots of advantages in comparison to “classical” payment methods.

  • With STARAMBA.Tokens as payment method your customers do not have to leave the world of MATERIA.ONE to do the payment for products, services and exclusive content. Due to an interface function to the wallet the payment can be easily made.
  • As the STARAMBA.Tokens work with blockchain technology and have customized smart contracts a fast and secure payment to all different parties is given. E.g. if a customer buys a jersey of his favorite football club there are at least two parties who get a share – the football club and the seller. The smart contract divides the shares in the different parts and directly transfers the shares to the parties. This way a royalty report is redundant as both parties directly get their share.
  • Also if the shopping cart is filled with products from different stores and brands it is possible to get separated invoices to the customers and even do separated royalty splits.
  • Payment with STARAMBA.Tokens is fast, secure and easy.
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Easy payment
Easy handling
less royalty reportings
completely automatic

What we offer

Even if you do not want to participate in MATERIA.ONE you have the possibility to integrate STARAMBA.Tokens as payment method in your shop system.

If you have many licence products in your portfolio and want to get rid of royalty reports, this payment method is the perfect fit for you. Also if you are selling virtual goods or items inside your virtual world, this payment method is made for you.


Feel free to download our Whitepaper for our previous ITO in German or English.

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